You most likely have a mobile holder in your car, a desk stand at work and even a holder on your bike for navigation. Only when you go canoeing, somehow your mobile is tucked away underdeck, you have it somewhere in your jacket or worse, it is hanging around your neck like the bus ticket in elementary school.

Instead in front of you is the laminated map that you scanned from the highly detailed canoeing map and laminated yesterday.

This doesn’t need to be like that – get a KayakMate!

With the new customized mobile holder for your Canoe or Kayak, you can set aside the laminating machine and use the digital maps you have or use the map app of your choice on your mobile.

KayakMate is manufactured to fit your Canoe’s body so it can be securely mounted on your boat, showing your mobile’s content in front of you, so you can keep on paddling – without being lost.

The KayakMate will also be manufactured to fit exactly your mobile, ensuring a tight fit and allowing the use of all buttons.

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On the back of the KayakMate the transport net can hold your keys or a small water bottle, keeping you fit for the next stroke.

And while you have the mobile accessible in front of you, why not check the packaging list, water (tide) levels or where you did catch that fish yesterday? The list is endless, from all your standard mobile apps and your built-in camera. But you can also enjoy the customized apps around the world for canoeing navigation like boating or paddlepartner, here you have the upside of not being lost as you can use your mobile’s GPS and trail your path along the water. Join the Digital Age!

Your fitness app can show you how much calories you have burned or what your top speed was today, combines with your smartwatch you can track your pace and ensure it will remain a healthy trip.

If you haven’t been as fast as you anticipated, you can check where the next campsite is and put in a reservation without the need to stop.

Still not your cup of tea? Well, then you can select one of the two enhanced KayakMates below.

KayakMate Music

With the KayakMate Music, you can enjoy your favourite music while out and about.

The two 10W speaker will support you either to relax or to find the best pace for you while you are on the water.

Although you can use your mobile phone for calling on all other KayakMates, in the Music edition the amplification is loud enough that even your kids in the next boat can hear you when you get a call.



KayakMate Pro

The KayakMate Pro features a waterproof box on the back and a sun visor for a good view even in the brightest sunshine. You can store your wallet or your charger in the box, so you have it handy when you go aboard and need to recharge your mobile.

Whatever KayakMate you choose – The floating body ensures your mobile comes home safely.

Get your KayakMate:

All you have to do is follow the instructions on the web shop.

We need four pictures of the place you want to mount KayakMate on your canoe or Kayak – two from the left and two from the right.

Further, let us know the mobile you are using, and we are ready to 3D print your own KayakMate. Select Pro or Music edition if desired.

We ship the KayakMate to you and you can strap it to your boat – the rubber underside will keep it where you want it.

Your maps and favourite apps right in front of you: KayakMate